Day 3 of NaNo

Posted by on November 3, 2009 at 9:33 am.

Yesterday I was rockin until around 8pm. I wanted to get safely past the daily goal because I have some stuff coming up the last three weeks of November that will take a lot of time.

I wanted to hit 5000 words, but failed. At 8pm I hit a wall. I got a few paragraphs out after that but I suspect I’lll have to re-word them this morning. I did manage to crest 4000. That’s a personal best for this early in the challenge. Usually I’m woefully behind by this point.

As usual though, my story has morphed from what I was originally intended. I was thinking the battle scene would be at the end, turns out it’s going to happen before the end of chapter two and the rest will be about survival and beating the bad guys.

I’ve never written anything that could be classified as adventure before. This could get interesting.

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