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I’m a pantser. Someone who usually writes by the seat of her pants. I need only a vague idea for a story before beginning. Some days it works better for me than others. Two of my collegues and I are currently developing a series of writing workshops and one of them discusses the merits of […]

Trying to be patient

Perry said it best, “It’s like waiting for Christmas except you don’t know what day it will arrive.”

A new novel and more

It’s been a nutzoid few weeks and it promises only to get busier, I can’t keep the smile off of my face.

Promotion is harder and easier than I thought

How do I let people know without sounding like an overblown buffoon tooting her own horn.

The Making of Jake – pt 3

It’s been twenty years since I started writing the story about Jake and Kathryn. A lot has changed in my life and life in general. Even if your rewrite is only a few months after the initial writing, check it for current details. No matter what happens, don’t stop writing. This is perhaps the most important and hardest thing to do

The Making of Jake – pt2

Jake has been my obsession for almost two decades. He’s been responsible for at least four re-writes and umpteen million attempts.

The Making of Jake – pt 1

Where is White’s Bluff and why did I use it as a location for my story about Jake? What’s the deal on the boat vacations?

As one ends a new one begins

This was a year of change, actually it’s been a deade of change. I moved across the country, I’ve travelled my butt off and have some ambitious plans for more destinations. I’ve ended jobs and followed my dreams to create the career I was afraid to even consider.

Christmas at the Nelson’s

There is a special sort of grounding that I feel every time I come home. The power I get from returning to my roots is both humbling and astonishing.

They’re up!! I have books for sale

Every time I look at the updated PaperBox Books website my toes curl, my heart swells and my smile threatens to split my face. My books, the novels that I wrote are up for sale. It`s been a busy and twisty road but PaperBox Books is ready and waiting for you to buy the e-books. […]