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out with the old…

I escaped today… escaped my house, escaped the pending move, escaped reality.

The movers have been and gone… at least I’m assuming they’ve gone. They were getting ready to load the motorbikes when I left. Call me a coward, but I just couldn’t watch my brother’s belongings leave my house. We’ve lived together for almost 8 years, and even though I’m very excited for him…I’m filled with terrification for me. (and yes that is a word… I made it up years ago)

My to do list gets longer every time I look at it. It seems that expression ‘out with the old in with the new’ is missing several in-between steps.

Today though, I’m escaping it all and writing. We just won’t tell my hoboing mind that writing is also on my to do list.

Back in the Game


Things are beginning to look up. No, wait… let me edit that… things ARE looking up. The chaos from the past few weeks is over and my brain is on the mend. It takes a lot to stress me out and recovery time varies.

I’m happy to say I’m back.

This morning started off with the Sunday Brunch writing prompts with the folks over at Toasted Cheese .com and will continue with editing all afternoon. Mostly other people’s stuff, but if I have time, I should get a start on re-writing my ending for Hiding in Plain Sight. I love this story and can’t wait to get it up for sale.

big sigh of relief… I missed me.

Freelance Camp and Life in General

No matter how much I say I have to blog today, time gets away from me and I lie down on my nice, soft, comfy bed and say, “Damn, another day passes without a blog.”

Which is odd since anyone who knows me knows I love to talk about myself…ad nauseam.

It’s been nuts. I’ve been stressed beyond belief (to stressed to even write it out, so that might give you an indication of how bad it’s been).

We finally have all the details in place for my brother’s move back East. It’s a week later than originally planned due to hiccups with the long weekend and work delaying approval of what moving expenses they’ll reimburse. Which of course put me a week behind in advertising for a roommate, after all I can’t show the house with killer, packing boxes ready to attack from every corner.

All this while I’m trying to work. The good news is that there is work, the bad news is that it’s piling up.

Today I attended Freelance Camp. It was an unconference. To see my perspective on that check out my alter ego’s blog at SNB Consulting Services.

My brain is bursting with great ways to reorganize my work flow one in particular seems to be exactly what I need… I’ll let you know if it works out as well as I hope it does.

Tomorrow, I’m devoting the day to editing and working on a website for a new side project of mine (nothing like adding to an already full plate), more details on that as we get closer to launch.

OK – enough rambling for tonight. I promise I’ll update more often from now on.


As my World Turns

I need to write. I’ve been spending my days editing, developing seminars and presentations, being a calming influence on a hyperly-stressed, about-to-move-back-across-the-country, little brother and gardening, but no writing.

The withdrawal symptoms are beginning. Must write soon.

So, tonight is the night. Me, a glass of wine (or three) and a silent house.

Well, a silent house full of blasting 80’s tunes to get me in the mood for my current project. (Boom Town Rats anyone? Yes Kevin, I know you hate this song, but it reminds me of Immersion so much.)

My goal is to complete this novel without the incentive of NaNoWriMo deadlines. I’m a procrastinator, this is a challenge. Wish me luck.

A week of awesome with a side of amazing

This week has been full of stress, anxiety, hope, physical exhaustion, concussion quality boo-boos, dreaded early mornings, taxing late nights… and it’s been wonderful.

My attitude was highlighted yet again during one of those dreaded early mornings, while on a not so dreaded conference call. My alternate ego, SNB Consulting Services, is taking a Business Building course through Kaizen Consulting.

The call starts at 6:15am. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person?

Anyway, we start the calls off with a round of “What’s one good thing that’s happened to you since we last spoke.” Even though I’m still half asleep and don’t have nearly enough coffee in my system, I can usually come up with a few things. This week was the fact that my baby brother & housemate over the past 7.5 years is leaving BC. My static, somewhat stable life is about to explode with uncertainty.

Michael, the facilitator, reminded me that I was supposed to highlight something good. His comment confused me for a few seconds. What isn’t good about this?

Scott, my brother, was promoted, he gets to (after 14 years with the company) finally have a day job with a normal schedule plus he gets to move closer to our parents. His moving means I can get out of my rut and the comfortableness I’ve been smothering myself with lately.

What is NOT good about this scenario?

At that moment I realized my Perpetual Pollyanna-ness had returned. YAY! By this I don’t mean I’m unrealistically optimistic. I’m well aware I have some serious decisions to make over the next month. Instead of panicking, I weigh the pros and cons of each situation and choose to focus what can be done, instead of wallowing on about the situation, and letting it paralyze me (at least I try to).

Scott had this amazing opportunity for him and instead of making him feel guilty I cheered. I’m already rearranging furniture in my head and have a BBQ planned for after he leaves (with his ever-changing schedule, it was hard to host social stuff at my place).

Like I said, it’s all good.

and it’s all about your attitude. When life hands you lemons, it’s up to you whether you suck them plain, make lemonade or add a shot of vodka.

(oh and for the record – I’ve already had my first roommate inquiry)

Looking for a House-Mate

Well, it’s official. My brother and sharer of the house has been offered a job back East.

I’m really glad for him, this is a promotion which means he can stop working insane hours and actually *gasp* have a life. Seriously, there have been weeks where the only reason I know he’s been home at night is because the left-overs I put in the fridge for him were gone when I woke up.

So now I have a choice of existing on rice and beans or get a house-mate. I think I’ll go for the house-mate 🙂

Details: $800.00/month (includes utilities, basic satellite TV, wireless internet, use of landline, burglar alarm)

Coquitlam, near the SilverCity movie theatre, off street parking, quiet neighbourhood, detached house, full kitchen, onsite laundry facilities, big back yard, some on site storage.

Non smoking, no pets

Additional Details: I work from home so the house needs to be fairly quiet. I have meetings here 1-2 times a month.

If you know of anyone looking for a room mate let me know.

Just when you thought it was over

I sent the last few chapters of my novel to my proofreaders. Just as I was snuggling into my bed that night, the realization hit me – after all my stressing, I’d given my novel a ‘rocks fall and everyone dies’ sort of ending.

When I say that sometimes authors are too close to their own work and don’t see the obvious errors, I’m speaking from experience.

It was only with the separation that came from saying ‘whee it’s done’ that my mind relaxed and the fatal flaws in my ending crept out from behind the trees in that proverbial forest.

Being the responsible writer I am, I emailed my proofreaders the next morning to say – don’t line-by-line edit the end, it’s going to change – drastically. They laughed, but no one argued with me. They were going to call me on it anyway.

As one of them so politely pointed out, I forgot to un-nano-it.


Happily, yesterday while I was screening soil in my garden, prepping it to plant, I was able to work out a better ending and will have a Cole’s Notes version ready for the team during today’s session to get their approval. Then I’ll write it properly.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re stuck on a story, or any type of problem really, go do something physically repetitive. It clears your mind and give your subconscious a change to work on the issue. (added bonus – you can strike something off your to do list be it dishes, gardening, toning muscles or just getting some fresh air)

It is finished

I resisted typing the words “The End” but barely.

I’ve finished the last section of my new novel, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight‘, to be reviewed in a line-by-line edit by my absolutely amazing proofreaders – and no that’s not a suck up because they seriously rock. I’m really lucky to have them.

This novel is about a girl who discovers the hot guy who just moved in next door is really an alien… although it’s not so hard for her to believe his pesky younger sister is from another planet. This story has interplanetary bad guys and just when you think all is lost… well, I’m not going to tell you then end. You’ll just have to read it.

Even though I still had all sorts of work to finish on other projects, I was feeling too hyper to stay sitting at my computer. So I headed out to my back yard and finished screening the soil in the new section of my garden. Then I planted my broccoli and cherry tomato seedlings. They’ve been hardening outside for a while now, so it was definitely time to get them officially planted.

Part of me wants to head out again to start working on the other section of my garden so I can get my peas, beans and squash planted, oh and corn and cucumbers spinach. Mmmmm Veggies.

But thinking of vegetables made me get the munchies and for good reason, it’s time for supper. So I’ll put off the garden until Sunday and make something for dinner.

Hmmmm maybe I should go buy a bottle of wine to celebrate the completion of this draft of my novel. Only two more polishing pass throughs to go – Whee!

OMiGosh Thank You

I came home tonight from dinner with friends to an email from Fictionista Workshop congratulating me for being their ‘Editor of the Month’.

What a great way to end/start the week!

They sent me some of the statements from the nomination form. Thank You so much for the wonderful things said, I’m still blushing.

I can’t take all the credit for the great things happening at PaperBox Books. Both Perry and I have been working hard to encourage writers and create a network where we can all help each other by critiquing and promoting each others’ work.

We’re about to launch into the Short Story market. There is strength in numbers… but I’ll be announcing more on that over the next week once we have the final details in place.

My favourite time of the year

Spring has sprung, grass is riz (we’ve already moved it three times)

Yesterday I began the daunting task of exchanging my winter wardrobe for my summer one.

Daunting yes, but the simple act has put a smile on my face.

I’ll admit to being a bit of a pack rat, although I prefer to call it frugal. Most of my clothes I refuse to throw away unless they’ve worn out. After all, fashions seem to cycle more quickly than ever before. The only exception to this rule are my larger sizes. As soon as I shrink out of them they’re gone baby.

Talk about extra incentive – there is nothing more disheartening than to have to buy new ‘fat’ clothes.

So yesterday, I spent an hour grinning from ear to ear as I easily buttoned shirts and slid shorts up over my hips that I haven’t been able to wear in years. Thank You Wii Fit Plus for being a gateway drug into heavier exercises.

In my garden things are shaping up too. My first strawberry blossoms have appeared, my rhubarb is growing like a weed, I predict we have approx three weeks until there is a fresh rhubarb pie in my over.

My tulips are on their last legs, but the columbine is almost ready to take their place. My gladiolas in my desertish sunny garden are up almost a foot, while in my other sunny garden they’re sprouting all over the place.

Over the weekend I planted baby’s breath, forget-me-nots and poppies. They should start sprouting sometime this week.

I love this time of year!