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2011 Week 2

So here we are at another Sunday. It’s been a long week but it has flown by… a contradiction that makes perfect sense.

Holiday Mash-up

I leave for Saint John, New Brunswick in 5 sleeps. I fly during sleep number six. Hopefully I’ll manage a bit of shut eye during my flight but I’m taking along a book to read, another to write in and an MP3 player full of great music, in case I don’t. It’s times like these I’m a little jealous of my brother, he falls asleep as soon as the plane starts down the runway. No such luck for me.

Video – A New Frontier

We’ve been toying with different advertising methods and I’ve seen some authors effectively use youtube.com to promote their books. Since I’m not only promoting books, but also helping to promote PaperBox Books, I decided to give it a whirl.

How’d the Holidays get so close?

It’s been on my calendar for months, I booked my ticket weeks ago, yet here I am days before take off wondering where on earth the time has flown.