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Hiding in Plain Sight

Hilary finds out her new neighbours are alien refugees and the Hurliingen are coming to get them. What can Hilary, a high school senior, do to keep them safe.

The Trouble with Jake

Jake is a ghost and Kathryn is alive - can they make it work?

Watch for these in paperback at late September 2011


also look for the adult romance version The Problem with Jake or the Dual edition with both The Trouble with Jake and the Problem with Jake

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Coming in 2012


50 years in our future, after disease wipes out most of the cities in North America, those who are left fend for themselves as best they can. Some settle in villages and return to farming while others become pirates pillaging and ransacking their way across the land. Kiere lands in the middle when these two sides meet.


Enroute to Washington, DC to meet with their counterparts, Mick and Sam crash land their spacecraft in a field along the Kingston Penninsula in New Brunswick, Canada. Catching them trespassing on their land, Janice and Ashley must decide whether to believe Mick and Sam's unbelievable story and help them evade both the Canadian and US military.