By Sue Nelson Buckley

Hiding In Plain Sight

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Hilary is thrilled to see her new neighbours have a gorgeous son around her age. Even his name was hot, Ben. Although, she could do without his pesky little sister, Alex, glaring at her every move.

That evening she sees something unexplainable and decides to keep her distance, but Ben doesn’t let her avoid him for long and soon they are inseparable.

A few weeks later, Hilary sees strange purple lights weaving in and out over the bog behind their houses. When she shows Ben he is forced to tell her his family were from the planet Myonus. Their home was in the middle of a civil war and they had to take refuge on Earth.

In a suspicious coincidence, Ben recognizes someone from one of the Alliance of Eight planets hanging out with their school’s mean girl. He has no idea if this guy is a friend or enemy. He needs Hilary’s help to find out.

When all seems lost, they band together and prepare to battle. With so much at stake, do they even have a chance?

The Trouble With Jake

Coming In November 2021

Kathryn has it all figured out. She’s halfway toward getting her degree and her boyfriend proposed last night.

Then, she finds him, in his childhood bedroom doing not so childish things to her best, err former best friend.

She drives all night. In the morning, she wakes, realizing in her grief, she headed to her favourite summer place, the wharf at White’s Bluff. When she was a kid, she imagined she had an imaginary protector here. God knows, she could use a protector now.

Jake was twenty-three when he watched his farm burn to the ground. He’d seen a lot happen through the decades since as a ghost, or whatever he was.

Every summer he’d wait with anticipation for Kathryn and her family to dock their boat at the wharf. Out of all the visitors to White’s Bluff, he felt a special affinity with them. He’d even saved Kathryn’s life once.

Now as he stands in front of her at the edge of the wharf, she asks, “Did I ever thank you for saving me that day?”


Hiding In Plain Sight - I'm not usually into Sci-Fi or romances but I couldn't put this book down. You become drawn into the lives of the characters and what should seem unbelievable becomes believable. Definitely a great read. I was sorry when the book was finished.