a slight hiccup

Posted by on October 31, 2009 at 9:54 am.

I’m pretty smart and am usually fairly understanding, but today I’m a bit baffled and a lot displeased.

For the NaNo kick-off, the organizers did a spectacular job of finding a venue. The Old Spaghetti Factory in New West is central amongst the participants, large and we’d been assured there would be no set menu. This was important because the attendees ranged from high school students to gainfully employed professionals to starving authors. The venue was booked from 1-4 to avoid the restaurant’s peak time.

The initial reservationwas for 45 people made a month in advance. Almost two weeks out, the organizers increased the reservation to 60 and again confirmed there would be no group menu. On Thursday, 2 days prior to the event the organizer onfirmed the numbers.

Last night, less than 24 hours before the event, the organizer received a voicemail from the restaurant that there would be a set menu… and worse, it would be the dinner menu even though the event took place at 1pm.

Now, I’m familiar with the restaurant industry, worked closely with it for over 11 years. I understand all about the need for set menus for large groups. What I don’t understand is the last minute change to force a set menuĀ  on a group that’s more organized than most. Not to mention foisting a more expensive dinner menu at mid-day. Seriously not cool.

I’ll go to the kick-off, wearing my special event Witches hat. Order food that I really can’t afford (I fall into the starving author category) and have a spectcular time.

I’m not so sure you’ll see me at the Old Spaghetti Factory again.

Update & Correction:

The Old Spaghetti Factory didn’t force the dinner menu on us, but the other menu was spaghetti, spaghetti or spaghetti, so really there was no choice.

I have to say, the wait staff were fantastic. There were 70 people in our group when I counted heads. It was a wonderful afternoon. Major props to Jennerosity and Mysterious Æges for a job well done.

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