Bright and shiny day 4

Posted by on November 4, 2009 at 10:06 am.

So it’s day 4 of Nano and I’m still slightly ahead of the game. I was hoping to get up to 9000 words last night, but only made it to 7000. Still way ahead of where I was last year and I’d barely started the year before. Progress for sure.

VancoWriMo, the Vancouver Chapter of NaNoWriMo, is having a word war with New Zealand. So far they are kicking our butts, but they also have a couple of word maniacs down there who are already hovering around 35,000. Serioiusly 35K in three days – INSANE!

This morning I signed onto the chat board and found out I could make a wordle of my story so far. So of course, I did. Here is what it looks like: (hint, you can click on the image to make it larger then hit the back button to return to this blog.

Wordle: Kiere

I love it!!

On my to-do list today. Finish editing a manuscript I have on my desk and write some communication templates for PaperBox Books. THEN and only then am I allowed to work on my word count.

I’d like to hit over 10,000 words today, so I’d better get cracking!!

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