I just hit 11,000 words.

Posted by on November 5, 2009 at 4:14 pm.

I have never been so far ahead of a writing goal before in my life. Which is a good thing because tomorrow is going to be almost a complete wash.

All those chores I’ve been avoiding all week are ganging up on me. Dishes piled high on the counters (I swear I didn’t have that many dishes before NaNo started), clothes overflowing my laundry basket (ditto on the clothes – seriously how can I have so many and still never find a thing to wear?)

It’s windy and rainy outside now which makes me hesitate about venturing out to the write-in. I’ve been to three already this week so surely missing one isn’t a bad thing. But there’s the energy I get from being with other writers (and let’s not forget the gorgeous bus driver on the way home if I time it just right 🙂 ). So off I trek downtown to the Library for the write-in.

Have a great – dark and stormy night!

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