The Inagural Transit Write-In

Posted by on November 21, 2009 at 11:53 pm.

So today we tried something a little different. If you happened to be on the skytrain system in Vancouver, you might have noticed a bunch of people frantically writing on their laptops or going old school with a pen and paper. That was us.

We stole a page from other cities and held a transit write-in. It was a blast. Some of us got the see the Canada Line for the first time while others ventured further out in the burbs than ever before.

The trek was not without it’s challenges: missed trains and drunk fellow passengers among them. All in all, it went much smoother and was much more fun than even I had expected… and I had high expectations.

Unfortunately, I had myself double booked. I had to leave the gang at Columbia Skytrain Station on their way back into town to get ready for my dinner out with friends. They went on to do double-cross of the Burrard Inlet on the Sea Bus. I’m sad I missed it.

Tonight, I came home to a much cleaner carpet and a feeling of accomplishment. I bought a small carpet cleaner to clean my desperately-needing-a scrub carpets and spent much of the morning on my hands and knees working to get the carpets back to normal in lieu of boosting my word count.

I have tomorrow night off from social engagements and will blast a few extra thousand to get me closer to my goal. Only 9 days left of NaNo 2009. I’m happy to see so many people signing up for the year-round get togethers.

Tomorrow will be Sunday Brunch Writing Prompts through Toasted Cheese, then off to Blenz for a bit to socialize then it’s off to play tag in the park… in the rain, then home for a hot shower and cuddle up in a warm sweater, blankie, fuzzy socks and my word count.

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