Why is this so hard

Posted by on December 8, 2009 at 8:09 am.

Ask me to do anything for someone else and I’m there with bells on – ask me to do something for myself and I stall and procrastinate. I feel guilty – Argh.

I’m at that point, putting the final touches on my babies before sending them out to the world for sale. I’m refering to books that is, not real children, just in case you’re wondering.

This is exciting and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to publish my novels for years, yes, even decades. So why do I waste my time chatting, singing slong with Christmas tunes and staring off into space when I could be achieving my dream.

The answer is fear is simple. I’ve heard the saying before and it applied doubly for me today. “What we fear most is not failure, what we fear most is success.”

True Eh?

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