Planes and Hot Tubs – Phase one complete

Posted by on December 13, 2009 at 7:34 pm.

I took the weekend off. Yes me, the always working, over-achiever, took time off to spend with friends.

First up – a blast from the past. The main character from one of my short stories. Sometimes truth is stranger, or in this case much better, than fiction. Kevin and I dated back in high school then on Friday, decades later, he picked me up at the airport for a wonderful evening of reminiscing and talking about our current lives. I think we both turned out well. It was so great to see him again.

Then it was off to Robin’s to hang out in her hot tub even in temperatures well below freezing. I guess the warmer Vancouver weather hasn’t made me as much of a wimp as I thought it had. Even though I was only there a couple of days it was so great. Her kids have grown so much, they were a lot of fun and because I helped wrap all their holiday gifts, I know what they’re getting 🙂 (the ultimate knowledge base of power this time of year)

After a trip to the barn this morning to watch Robin ride and jump her latest horse it was back to the airport for the final leg of my trip home. I was sad to leave Toronto, but excited to come home to see Mom, Dad and my other brother and his family. Oh and have wild New Brunswick blueberries – way better than the cultivated ones out West 🙂

On the plane I worked on some copy to update on websites, revised my to-do list, started fleshing out content for the training seminars I’ll be conducting in the new year and thinking about possible questions that might be asked if a proposed interview with CBC Radio works out. (I’m very excited about this last bit – I’ll keep you posted)

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