Cold but beautiful

Posted by on December 18, 2009 at 7:48 am.

Looking west from the parking lot at Saint's Rest Beach

More visiting with friends and fellow writers and a quick stop (it was minus 10 plus windchill, so it was very quick 🙂 ) down at Saint’s Rest Beach. I’ll have to go down some day when it’s warmer, or at least less windy to take more pictures. This is one of my favourite spots in Saint John.

This is one of my grounding locations. If I’m angry or upset this beach (and McLaren’s Beach, one cove over) are my places to go to work things out.

There is just something about the expanse of water and the waves lapping at the shore to really make you remember how small you really are in the grand scheme of things. That you yourself are important, but that the troubles plaguing you are temporary.

Side note – this place is really something during a storm or hurricane. The surf pounds and rolls up over the road to the marsh on the other side.

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