Pen versus keyboard

Posted by on January 26, 2010 at 3:25 pm.

My editing is done for the day and I’m ready to start writing. Much to my surprise, I reached for my notebook even though I’m sitting right in front of my computer.

It made me pause and wonder, “What the hell?”

I took a sip of tea and looked out the window, pondering my action. Then it hit me. This novel is like a diary and since it happened when I was 15, it makes perfect sense that it would flow better with a pen and paper.

As I type this statement into my computer, a new thought pops up – what if I write the entire story as a diary. You can’t see the grin on my face, but I assure you it’s huge.

Whee – I’ve feel like I’ve just figured it out.

ok- enough blogging for today… there is a diary to write.

*Sue retreats to her bed to sit, propped up against her pillows in proper, diary writing posture.*

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