The best way to start a day

Posted by on February 20, 2010 at 9:16 pm.

I love it when a problem that’s been plaguing me is solved with my first waking thought. I like it even better when I can remember that thought once I’m actually awake.

This week’s problem has been my current novel. It’s based on the experience I had back in High School when I went off to a summer French Immersion camp. My issue was that I can’t remember everything. I know what I do remember is tainted by my perspectives at the time and therefore isn’t completely accurate. So I’m trying to make it fiction, while retaining a lot of what happened.

I thought I’d try writing it as diary. Yeah, that didn’t work out nearly as well as I’d hoped. And writing it as a straight story seems to be rather bland. My brilliant idea this morning was to write it as a flashback, think the movie ‘Then and Now’ circa 1995. As of today, my novel opens with current day with me, the main character, enroute to see her old flame. It seems to have a lot more spunk in this format.

Whew! There are a lot of people wanting to see the finished product, most of who were there at the Immersion program with me. Talk about performance anxiety.

I got a really great start on the new format when my brother/housemate warned me that he was going to fire up his welder. As a safety precaution, I shut down my computers just in case there is a surge and stuff fried. Instead of doing the battery thing with my laptop, I followed him outside and raked the front lawn.

Side Note – It was 10*C in the shade this afternoon. I think I got a bit of a sunburn… and yes – the Winter Olympic Games are happening not far from my house.

I finished the lawn just before blisters had a chance to form 🙂

Tonight I feel a bit achy, but not nearly as bad as I did last year when I started gardening. Anyone who says the Wii Fit doesn’t work is full of it.

While it might not be as effective as spending time at the gym, it’s definitely better than sitting on my a$$ all day getting fat. (actually, I’ve dropped another inch of my waist and two off my hips since I’ve started using it. Not bad for mid winter when most of us usually gain weight).

That game with the little bird where you have to flap your arms to get from one perch to another is wonderful preparation for lawn raking. I highly recommend it 🙂 and the yoga is awesome for stretching afterward, I’m hardly stiff at all.

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