All a twitterin

Posted by on February 23, 2010 at 12:24 pm.

In a good way.

Actually I just finished reading “All a Twitter” by Tee Morris. It was very good. I’ve been watching some of the supposed ‘gurus’ of social media and find heis definitely one of the better ones. He seems to be the one who gets it the best, or at least he shares my philosophy about how to best use Twitter, Facebook etc.

We’re really starting to ramp up our promotion of our books to sell (direct links to my novels are on the sidebar to the right). We were originally waiting for them to get listed with Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Chapters etc. But our distributor is still having technical difficulties. Sure we can do it ourselves, but the pay off once Smashwords gets us up and running will be far greater. So we’ll wait… somewhat patiently. The nice thing is that Smashwords is doing a pretty good job of keeping us informed, so we’re not left in the dark, wondering what the hell is going on.

Otherwise, life is pretty quiet today. I have almost all the work I need to do done, just a couple of web pages to program, then it’s back to writing. Now that I’ve set-up the novel in flashbacks, it’s flying. (Whew!)

Have a great day and don’t get too soggy once it finally starts raining.

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