Colds and Thinking

Posted by on March 7, 2010 at 1:47 pm.

I’ve been lucky this winter. I’ve dodged cold after cold and managed not to get sick. At least not completely. I still run through the symptoms, but they’re so mild, they can’t even be called a cold. Not really.

But on Wednesday night I started feeling cotton-heady, Thursday I was feeling quite blah. Not really sick, but not well either. While the other symptoms didn’t get bad, I started coughing. I get nasty coughs and this was no different. Apparently I don’t have a light version of coughing. It starts at heavy and boosts itself to bronchial. Whee – lucky me.

It is better today, so at least the duration is tolerable, but it’s hard to code or write or even think, when you keep losing your place every time you attempt to breathe and it becomes a coughing fit.

Apparently I become a whiny little girl when I’m sick too:) This is especially upsetting because as a little girl I was never whiny 🙁

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