A New Canadian Sci-Fi Magazine

Posted by on April 3, 2010 at 11:16 am.

There’s a great new Canadian Sci-Fi Magazine coming our way.

They’re still in the fund-raising stages for the first issues, but I’ve seen a fair bit of their project plans and know one of the creators. Even though I don’t write much Science Fiction, I’m psyched.

Check out their kick-starter/fundraiser page. Scroll down to see the details of the project.

Exciting bits – they’ll be paying professional SFWA rates to the authors (hence the largest reason for the fund raising) and the magazines will be available in print and electronic versions.

Oh and, since it’s a Canadian Magazine, they are making sure a high percentage of content comes from Canadian writers.

While I don’t normally tell people to buy this or donate to that, I think this is a worth while cause.

For information on how the pledge money is collected, check out the rules and regulations for using kick-starter for more information.

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