It’s spring!

Posted by on April 9, 2010 at 2:00 pm.

Over the past few days it hasn’t felt like it at all. High winds… cold winds that smelled like snow. They were so fierce that we lost power twice over the Easter weekend.

Today is sunny and while not as warm as it was a few weeks ago, we’re heading back in the right direction.

Tomorrow the ground should be dry enough for me to start digging a new garden in the backyard. I’m going to be a good eco-friendly person and double the size of my veggie garden. I have tomatoes and broccoli started and will be planting beans, peas, squash and cucumbers. I have melons too, but they’ll have to wait until it gets warmer at night before I can transplant them outside.

It’s a nice break from writing and editing. I’ve been sitting at my desk too much lately and physical activity is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve updated my SNB Consulting Services website over the past couple of days. I learn some new coding tricks from a grumpy genius, which were great until I realized the quick fix I used last night exploded all of the blogs I was hosting. Of course I noticed this when my grumpy genius wasn’t available to help.

I thought hard and managed to solved the problem all by myself. I’m quite proud, because this was treading in coding waters I’ve never waded in before and I had to dive in and perform mouth to mouth. The blogs were brought back to life without too much brain damage – Yay Me!

Today is devoted to reading and learning. Ok – so it’s 2pm and I haven’t started yet. But it will be.

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