Authors, Offers and a Contest

Posted by on April 16, 2010 at 9:32 am.

I love hanging out with authors. They’re my kind of people. We’re random, sometimes silly, creative, supportive and kind (we’ll most of us are anyway 🙂 )

This is a good thing too because I can’t seem to get away from them.

Last weekend I took a weekend off and swore not to think of things writing, web design or marketing. I joined a walking Meet-Up group and ended up having a great conversation with a ghost-writing editor as we strolled from New West Skytrain Station to the one at Edmonds.

Last week we (the folks at PaperBox Books) expanded our writing network even further. We held a one day offer to review and critique the first few pages of novels for authors who weren’t sure they are ready to submit to a publisher.

I was really impressed with the quantity and especially the quality of work submitted. test. We’re doing it again today so if you want the details go to http://paperboxbooks/twitteroffer041610.php.

Both Perry and I really enjoy doing this. We’re gentle but firm, we remember what it’s like the first time you send your baby out to the wolves, but we also know how useless “that’s nice dear” is as feedback. We tell you what we like and ways to polish your writing.

So today, while I eagerly await the deluge of first pages I’m editing and polishing my own work. I have only 13,000 words left to edit on my next novel. Which means I’m at the panic stage… is it good, is it crap, holy crap it’s almost done etc.

At least this time, having one novel already selling is giving me the confidence to push through faster than I did before.

By the way, Don’t forget about AE – the new Canadian Science Fiction Magazine. First issue will be out this fall but in the meantime they’re having this fun microfiction contest.

200 word sci-fi story using or inspired by the word ‘micro’ – details at

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