Just when you thought it was over

Posted by on May 10, 2010 at 9:51 am.

I sent the last few chapters of my novel to my proofreaders. Just as I was snuggling into my bed that night, the realization hit me – after all my stressing, I’d given my novel a ‘rocks fall and everyone dies’ sort of ending.

When I say that sometimes authors are too close to their own work and don’t see the obvious errors, I’m speaking from experience.

It was only with the separation that came from saying ‘whee it’s done’ that my mind relaxed and the fatal flaws in my ending crept out from behind the trees in that proverbial forest.

Being the responsible writer I am, I emailed my proofreaders the next morning to say – don’t line-by-line edit the end, it’s going to change – drastically. They laughed, but no one argued with me. They were going to call me on it anyway.

As one of them so politely pointed out, I forgot to un-nano-it.


Happily, yesterday while I was screening soil in my garden, prepping it to plant, I was able to work out a better ending and will have a Cole’s Notes version ready for the team during today’s session to get their approval. Then I’ll write it properly.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re stuck on a story, or any type of problem really, go do something physically repetitive. It clears your mind and give your subconscious a change to work on the issue. (added bonus – you can strike something off your to do list be it dishes, gardening, toning muscles or just getting some fresh air)

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