My Worst Nightmare Lived by Another

Posted by on June 10, 2010 at 9:08 am.

Yesterday just as we were wrapping up our 2-day businesss planning retreat for PaperBox Books/Fiction Therapy, I received an email from my Mom. Joan Flewelling had passed away.

I hate these emails.

They remind me how far away I am from my family and that my parents are not getting any younger.

Mrs. Flewelling was the mother of my high school crush. Stephen is two years older than me and I idolized him. Even though we talked here and there after church during our university years, I don’t think he ever actually knew my name. Such is the way of high school crushes.

Through the church choir and other events, I knew his Mom much better. She was lovely. Mrs. Flewelling was one of those women who were truly graceful. I don’t necessarily mean in the way she moved, but in the way she lived.

My heart goes out to Walter, her husband, and the rest of her family (including of course Stephen, who is living my worst nightmare). Joan will be very much missed.

This makes me want to run home and hug my own Mom, but she’s 5600km away. So I’m sitting here sniffling at my computer instead, sending her huggish vibes through the cosmos. I Love you Mom!

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