Hip Hop Workout

Posted by on June 16, 2010 at 11:41 am.

Hip Hop Workout – Take 1

I was downtown last night for a Meet-Up on SEO. The topic was link building which is important for me at my other business SNB Consulting Services. The Meet-up was great as usual. I learned a few new tricks and tracking tools that will really come in handy when I wear my SNBCS hat.

I don’t go downtown much anymore so I arrived early and wandered around. While browsing I found a Hip Hop Workout video. Since little brother took the Wii Fit back East with him, I’ve been looking for something else ‘fun’ to do. I love to dance and I’ve never learned to hip-hop so I figured it was worth the money to give it a shot.

Things I’ve learned.

Hip-hop moves are a lot like belly dancing. I took a belly dancing course a few years ago and still incorporate some of the moves into my workout schedule anyway so this was a huge plus.

The warm up is great. By the end of it I was feeling pretty confident.

Spins are hard to do on a carpeted floor. It will take some work and maybe a bit of ingenuity to do them.

Lunges are easier, but the girls on the video are doing lunges so low their chins are practically touching the floor, that will take some work.

The music they used was great, it was just a base beat with a counter beat thrown in to keep it interesting. When I gave up on the hip hop lesson I kept the DVD playing and did some of my other exercises to the beat. It’s a half hour workout so I can time my workout without having to constantly monitor the clock. It’s a win/win.

Eventually I’ll be able to do the whole routine and be stylin’ out on the dance floor.

Me in a ballerina dress as a kid

Oh wait, I’ve always been a good dancer. I come from a dancing family. I had an aunt and uncle both taught tap and jazz and my aunt also taught Hawaiian.

I was that cute little 3 yr old on the stage. Now I can pop-it that much more.

Me dancing the hula as a kid

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