Summer is here

Posted by on July 12, 2010 at 9:14 pm.

Well – sort of.

We finally had a nice few days. The weather went from rainy and cold to sunnyu and OMG I can’t breathe it’s so hot. Today, it shifted back to the cooler side. I like it because I was able to turn off the fans and it will still be comfortable tonight for sleeping.

Today was windy too. I had to go out to my garden and fix two of my stakes holding up my peas. One had been snapped off from the weight of the plants being blown around by the breeze. I had to tie up my broccoli and my corn is tilted at a 45* angle right now.

On the plus side. I spent a couple of hours on my front lawn pulling weeds. The ones that I thought about pulling this spring and procrastinating long enough that there are double the amount… well was. I’ve got most of them now.

While I was weeding, my neighbour came over and offered one of his lawnmowers for me to use since mine was on it’s last legs. I really appreciated it. He brought it over and made sure it was running. Tempting though it was to stop weeding and just mow them down I didn’t. I kept going until I hit a patch of weeds that had too many ants around the root for me to handle.

I’m usually not terribly squeemish, but when they start simultaneously running up your arm and legs at the same time – well it’s time to stop!!

My almost roommate and I are discussing details about his arrival and what’s going to happen when he gets here. Sadly, one of the things on the list is *sigh* clean the gutters. But at least now there will be someone around to hold the ladder!

I can’t wait until he gets here – ETA less than 2 weeks.

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