Explosion Averted

Posted by on July 21, 2010 at 11:36 pm.

Last night while I was getting ready to watch more “Legend of the Seeker” the TV series bases on the Terry Goodkind, “Sword of Truth” books I decided I wanted some popcorn.

My microwave has been acting up lately so I didn’t stray too far from the kitchen. Good thing too. Within seconds of me pushing the start button, it began to make a funky noise. As I raced across the kitchen floor, I saw that the interior light was flickering on and off like a first rate horror movie. I just hoped I could turn it off before it exploded and attacked me with hot, oil-covered, corn-kernal pellets.

Luckily, I hit stop and unplugged it before ‘oh crap’ turn into ‘oh %#@&’

So my morning included buying a new microwave. This one is bigger so it doesn’t fit as nicely into the corner as my old one did but… it’s bigger.

Most importantly – it has a popcorn button that works.

The one on my old microwave never did do the job correctly. I used to have to enter the time myself. Tonight, I had a full bowl of puffy popcorn. FULL I say, none of this 1/3 left over unpopped kernals and scorched bits nonsense.

This makes me a happy camper.

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