Rain and Adulthood

Posted by on August 7, 2010 at 11:20 am.

Some days you just want to lay down on the floor like a 3-year old and throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum.

I’m a red-head. Trust me, any temper tantrum I throw is going to be spectacular!

But alas, I am also an adult. So as a good friend of mine says, “Pull up your big girl panties and get on with it.”

Self wedgie administered, away I go.

I’m hosting a BBQ this afternoon. It’s been sunny and warm for the past couple of weeks and it looked like the weather would hold for a few more. Almost the instant I sent out the invitations there appeared a chance of rain on the 7th. No other day, just the 7th. As the date grew closer, the change of precipitation grew higher. Normally the weather shifts from one day to the next. Not this time. *sigh*

Luckily, my house is big enough to hold everyone.

To add insult to injury, one of my best friends from back-East was to drive down from Banff to spend the weekend and come to my BBQ. Alas, thunderstorms up in the mountains made her cancel her plans. The roads can be nail-biting on a sunny day, if you’ve never driven on mountain roads, a thunderstorm is not a good time for your maiden pass.

On the bright side.

The hourly forecast says that the rain will ease and stop around the time people start to arrive. I hope the weather decides to stay one it’s consistency path and keep to it’s schedule. After all there are wildfires further up the valley that need the rain more than we do.

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