I’m Published Again

Posted by on September 7, 2010 at 9:23 am.

A few days before I left the East Coast, I received notification that one of my writing prompt pieces had been chosen for the “The Best of the Boards” in the September issue of the Toasted Cheese Literary Journal.

Toasted Cheese is a great writing community (with some really accomplished writers, myself not necessarily included) many who make an income (or even a living wage) from writing and editing.

The piece of mine they published is from the Sunday Brunch Writing Prompts. We gather in real time in an IRC chat room on Sunday mornings and are given 3 prompts and ten minutes to write using each one. There is a lot of of chatting and playful ribbing in between.

It’s fun, it flexes your writing muscles and enables you to get to know another circle of writers from across Canada and the US (other countries are welcome… the time zones just make it a bit inconvenient).

I feel I should warn you.

It’s not my usual genre. I don’t know what I ate for bed the night before, but for some reason I was feeling a little creepy that morning and while the piece is called ‘Quirky’ it’s definitely disturbing.

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