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Ghosts of Christmas Past

I’m sitting here in my parent’s livingroom watching videos from back when I was in High School.

Update on my books

We’re another step closer I’ve submitted the information for the copyright page, acknowledgments, author bio and reader thank you along with the cover art for the three versions of my book. They’re in the process of being formatted now and we should finally be able to submit them to the distributor over the next few […]

Cold but beautiful

There is just something about the expanse of water and the waves lapping at the shore to really make you remember how small you really are in the grand scheme of things. That you yourself are important, but that the troubles plaguing you are temporary.

Permanent link to my interview and the results

Whee – finally a good night sleep and I think I’ve acclimatized my poor body to Atlantic time. The permanent link is up for my interview with CBC Radio. It’s a bit hard to find in the archives, you have to scroll down to Dec. 15th, I’m in the category Saint Johner Away. It’s a […]

A taste of home

There’s something about coming home. In my case, my hometown is across the continent, so when I come home there are certain things I have to do to, places I go and things to eat that I just can’t do in my new location thousands of kilometres away. Tonight, I crossed another few items off […]

Link to my CBC Radio Interview

Despite the early morning hour, my interview with CBC Radio went really well.

CBC Radio Interview Tomorrow

So it’s official. Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th at 8:15am Atlantic time (which is 4:15am Pacific time), I’ll be interviewed during the Information Morning program on CBC Radio 1. Why you ask? Well it turns out that one of the weekly segments they do locally is interview people who have moved away from The East Coast […]

Planes and Hot Tubs – Phase one complete

I took the weekend off. Yes me, the always working, over-achiever, took time off to spend with friends. First up – a blast from the past. The main character from one of my short stories. Sometimes truth is stranger, or in this case much better, than fiction. Kevin and I dated back in high school […]

Why is this so hard

“What we fear most is not failure, what we fear most is success.”

How’d the Holidays get so close?

It’s been on my calendar for months, I booked my ticket weeks ago, yet here I am days before take off wondering where on earth the time has flown.