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Writer’s Block

I think I have writer’s block. Not that you’d ever notice. I’m so busy I don’t have time to write.

The bad Dad year Continues

I thought we were in the clear. My business partner’s Dad died (lung cancer) yesterday morning. That was the cycle of three, three Dad’s gone in the past year…or so I thought.

One Month Later

It’s been a month since Dad died. I still can’t utter the words without welling up a bit even though it feels like a bad dream and not part of my everyday reality.

Explosions and Being Human

Yesterday was blow-up day and today seems to be (at least so far) recovery.

I Have A New Theme Song

Well, one to add to my list – but it’s a short list. So far there are only two that spring readily to mind worthy of being my ‘theme. The first is an oldie, Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. The second is from the movie Footloose, Holding out for a Hero. My new addition started poking into my consciousness during my “OMG will I make it in time” flight home last month. Just two lines from Jewel’s, Hands.

I’m Published Again

A few days before I left the East Coast, I received notification that one of my writing prompt pieces had been chosen for the “The Best of the Boards” in the September issue of the Toasted Cheese Literary Journal.

New Normal

I used this phrase just after Dad died to update my Facebook status. It read something like’ we’re adjusting to find our new normal’. I’m amazed at the response it’s received.

Air Canada Compassionate Discount

Dear Air Canada, Why even bother to pretend you have a compassionate rate?

The Aftermath

It’s been quite the week and despite the death of my father, it hasn’t been all bad.

Death Of My Dad – pt 3

The most amazing man in my world died this week.