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Death Of My Dad pt 2

My youngest brother, Scott, was waiting for me at the airport. I’d asked him not to come inside the airport. I didn’t want to burst into tears when I saw him.

Death Of My Dad – pt 1

The flight across the country was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Even harder than giving the eulogy at his funeral.

Life is a Cafe

Call me weird but I’ve always wanted to work in a cafe. Not a coffee shop where people come in, order impossibly complicated drinks and leave, but a place sort of like Cheers, without the alcohol. I can now cross that item off my list. A friend of mine was in dire straights. One of […]

BBQing in the rain

I took a chance and mixed writers with non- writers. The experiment worked out well.

Rain and Adulthood

Some days you just want to lay down on the floor like a 3-year old and throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum.

Red Sun

That old saying has never steered me wrong to predict the following day’s weather… outside of wildfire season that is. This week, the sky is hazy and the sun is red from the moment it begins to sink in the sky.

back to work

It was a great weekend showing my new roommate around Vancouver. It took me back to ‘the old days’ when I had just arrived and was being shown around myself. Sometimes I forget how amazing this city is. But *sigh* now it’s time to get back into my schedule before my world explodes and several of those days I’ve been trying to take one at a time, attack all at once.

Roommate and Jeffery Deaver

Today was the day. I got up on time and headed out to the airport to greet my old friend/new roommate. I have to admit to getting a little emotional at seeing someone from back home in Vancouver.

Explosion Averted

My microwave has been acting up lately so I was on the move as soon as it started making a funky noise. Not a moment too soon. As I raced across the kitchen floor, I saw that the interior light was flickering on and off like a first rate horror movie. I just hoped I could turn it off before it exploded and fired hot, oil-covered, corn-kernal pellets at me.

Time to edit

No more procrastination. If I want my next novel up for sale in August, I have to finish my edits. So what’s all this on my dining room table you ask. Well the stuff spread out is my current novel Each chapter times 3, in some cases times 6. The stuff in the stack is from my first novel(s) The Problem with Jake and it’s young adult rewrite The Trouble with Jake.