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How’d it get to be Wednesday already?

They say time flies when you’re having fun and I totally believe it.

I’ve always been a writer. I know that might sound a bit pretentious but it’s true. I’ve always told stories. I still have notebooks from creative writing classes back in elementary school and realize I was pretty darn good. Mom was right 🙂

Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk. I wanted to write but the business side of writing was rearing it’s ugly head and had to be dealt with. Some days that stuff isn’t my favourite, but it get’s me to where I have to go so I do it, even though I’d much rather be writing.

Today, everything is in line and I’m blasting through my to do list. My reward? Nano starts on Sunday. If you’ve never heard of here’s the deets.

We start November 1st and write a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month. It works out to 1666.67 words per day which is totally doable.

My first year doing NaNo I was completely behind. We’re talking by 12,000 words. I’d barely started my story and it was the morning of November 11th. I decided to shun housework, errands and my roommate (he’s my youngest brother, so that was easy enough) and write. After lunch I decided his tiptoeing around me was more distracting than helpful, I packed up my laptop and headed out to one of the coffee shops down the street.

By end of day, I’d written 9,000 words. I was back in the race.

Leson learned though. The next day I was completely brain-dead (yes, more than usual) so I’ve resolved never to let that happen to me again. has expanded a lot even in the three years I’ve been participating. It’s not just about writing in November. Many of us have stuck together throughout the year, writing (although not at that crazy pace) and encouraging each other. If you love to write, I say Do IT. Even if you don’t make the 50,000 words the process is a true learning experience and chances are, you’ll exceed your own expectations.

Speaking of wwriting, it’s time to go back and do some more of the not as fun writing. Business processes and editing – whee!!

Here We Go!

It’s the morning after and a fitting place to begin the first entry to this blog. I feel a bit hung-over but not from booze, it’s the after effect of an amazing weekend of information overload at the annual Surrey International Writers’ Conference (

If you write, I can’t recommend this conference enough. I rubbed shoulders with world class authors, powerful editors & agents and oodles of soon-to-be-famous writers and filled my head (and notebook) with great advice and vital knowledge.

Times might be bleak, but the outlook is positive for those of us who want to write for a living. In one of the sessions I attended (wearing my managing editor hat for, Donald Maass was intrigued by my identification of a widening gap in the market. He commented that we might be on to something with our e-publishing company’s plan to give first time authors exposure and sales and an introduction to the business side of publishing.

The timing is spectacular as next weekend marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo (, the insane adventure of writing a 50,000 words novel in thirty days. This will be my third year participating. Not only is the deadline a great get-off-your-butt-and-write incentive, but the community that has developed around the challenge is extraordinary.

Here in Vancouver, we’ve extended the event all year. We don’t keep up the frantic pace, but we still get together every week and write, cheerlead, help and encourage each other. Kick-off party is Saturday, October 31st and there will be several events during the month to get to know your fellow writers–added bonus, weekly emails of encouragement from famous writers like Neil Gaimen.

Whether you live in Vancouver or not, check out the NaNo website for details on your local region. If you’re not interested in participating in the challenge, don’t ignore the website. It has lively discussion boards to answer writing and genre questions.

Now it’s time to organize my notes from the conference so I don’t feel so overwhelmed then buckle down to edit submitted material before I’m allowed to change gears again and outline my plan for this year’s NaNo.