Lest We Forget

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans’ Day in the States and truly we have a lot to be thankful for. I look around my groups of friends and realize how fortunate we are. In many cases, my grandfather could possibly have faced theirs across a battle field.

It’s an intriguing concept isn’t it?

Within 100 short years sworn enemies have become friends working together to preserve life on this planet (ok and line their pockets too – but at least they’re working together). It is still incredible to me.

I no longer view Remembrance Day as a time to remember only fallen Canadian Soldiers. I feel every man woman and child should be remembered and thanked for their contribution, no matter what their nationality or belief, they all thought they were doing the right thing, no matter what history’s hindsight tells us now.

To honour the freedom I have on this day, I’m looking at pictures from my friend’s in Germany, writing with a friend whose family comes from Japan, and another whose relatives hail from the States. I’ve recently helped a friend from Iran write her applications to for the CA program.

From much strife has come much good – may we all learn to make the good happen without the precursor of war.

My all our God’s bless all of us so that we may all live in harmony with each other.

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Tired and it’s only Tuesday

I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday. I am very sad for the reason we have this holiday. Many good people died to give us the life we have today. I like my life so I appreciate their sacrifice.

Today was jam packed full of wonderfulness. The course I’m taking has been interesting so far. Turns out I know the facilitator. We worked together back in BC HRMA. Vancouver really is a small town.

Then it was off to the lawyer’s office to talk about PaperBox Books. He seemed really impressed with how together we were. We have a solid grasp of what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it. I love a good validation session.

Then it was off to Waves for a write-in. When I left I was just shy of 20,000 words which I quickly topped once I got home.

After a day of accomplishment, it’s time for bed. I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom that jhust entered into my inbox… it seems especially appropriate during NaNo

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden

Night All – Sleep well til wake

Back to the grind tomorrow

Tomorrow morning is up early and work hard all day.

Unfortunately, this working hard thing won’t be done from the comfort of my own home. I have to be at Gilmore for 9am. (I know all you 9-5ers are shedding a tear in my general direction). I’ve been slaving over my computer at home over the past few months and my commute has consisted of a 5 minute walk from my bed to my desk, including a stop to use the facilities and start my coffee maker.

Oy, I hate mornings. But as I said to a friend this morning, I’d hate them even worse if I didn’t wake up at all. So I’ll take them with a smile of thanks for another one.

I also have to come up with something brilliant to say for my other blog on Web Design and general advice for small business owners. (if you’re interested, it can be found at http://snbconsultingservices.ca/blog)

Played Hooky From Writing

I’ve been writing like a mad woman all week, and editing too, so it’s no wonder my brain has turned to mush. So I took a well earned break.

Friday night we all went out to dinner to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday. It was a semi-milestone (i.e. it ended in 5) Despite transit issues getting there, standing in the rain for 45 minutes in my party duds because the bus didn’t come, I had a blast.

Saturday was a trip out to Surrey to talk to my editors. Those awesome folks who are going over my novels with a fine tooth comb searching for flat wording and story inconsistencies, and alas still finding a few. the Then, I met up with post-birthday girl and we rode the wild rails of the skytrain in to Canada Place to see the Taboo, Naughty but Nice Show. I have to admit it is one of my favourite trade shows to attend 🙂

I love watching people at this show. You have the jaded “show me something I don’t already know” crowd, the adventursome couples who eagerly explore each booth, the fact finders… want something but aren’t sure exactly what, the newbies couples who tee-hee-hee their way through the aisles and the single boys who are barely old enough to walk in the doors. They are the most fun. Their bravado turns to wide-eyed wonder at their first sight of tassled boobs, leather clad studs and half-naked, body-painted ladies.

I came back to my desk last night almost refreshed. Spent and evening writing a bit and chatting a lot. Woke up this morning with the next few chapters all plotted out and ready to write. So off I go to nail these suckers down before the illusive muse runs away again with that guy in the tight ass-less chaps.

What else am I doing beside NaNo

I was walking to the grocery store this morning when I realized I’ve become obsessed with talking about NaNo even though I’m doing a crapload of other things.

I have two books that we’re planning on getting online for sale at the end of November. I’m getting the final edits back from my editors tomorrow. Somewhere duiring the month of November I have to find time to incorporate the fixes into my manuscript and get it formatted and ready to go on sale.

We’re working with a couple of talented writers who are doing a bunch of short stories around an alternate world to Earth. We’ve read some of the stories and can’t wait to see the rest. They’ll be comin gout way in the next few weeks as well. (almost managed to resist the urge to dance around the room – almost)

I’m half way through editing the novel written by my business partner and fellow managing editor of Paperbox Books Publishing. It’s awesome, I keep losing myself in the story forgetting that I’m supposed to be checking it for errors and inconsistencies. Happily, there aren’t many.

Oh and I’m buildig a couple of websites for my other business, SNB Consulting Services too.

If it’s true that idle hands are the devil’s tools, he doesn’t stand a chance with me 🙂

We Rocked the Library

So during the month of November many of my friends, who are also writers, do Nanowrimo. It’s crazy, it’s fun, I’m 1/4 of the way through writing a new manuscript and I learned last night just how crazy writer’s are in general.

Last night we had a write-in at the library. Over 30 people were there. Many of whom had no idea really what NaNo was. We explained a bit, the got right into a word war. It amazes me how many people wrote even though they weren’t really sure why… and their word counts were good. Some folks who could type properly, had word count that were more than double mine.

Writers seriously are a crazy (in a good way) bunch.

My challenge for the day is not to let my word count suffer while I do chores and some baking. I’m out tonight at a birthday celebration. Tomorrow and Sunday I’m booked solid. I’m going to have to forgo sleep f I want to maintain my average and rise to the challenge a fellow writer friend has put up.

Ack – no more stalling – 1-2-3- GO!!!

I just hit 11,000 words.

I have never been so far ahead of a writing goal before in my life. Which is a good thing because tomorrow is going to be almost a complete wash.

All those chores I’ve been avoiding all week are ganging up on me. Dishes piled high on the counters (I swear I didn’t have that many dishes before NaNo started), clothes overflowing my laundry basket (ditto on the clothes – seriously how can I have so many and still never find a thing to wear?)

It’s windy and rainy outside now which makes me hesitate about venturing out to the write-in. I’ve been to three already this week so surely missing one isn’t a bad thing. But there’s the energy I get from being with other writers (and let’s not forget the gorgeous bus driver on the way home if I time it just right 🙂 ). So off I trek downtown to the Library for the write-in.

Have a great – dark and stormy night!

Bright and shiny day 4

So it’s day 4 of Nano and I’m still slightly ahead of the game. I was hoping to get up to 9000 words last night, but only made it to 7000. Still way ahead of where I was last year and I’d barely started the year before. Progress for sure.

VancoWriMo, the Vancouver Chapter of NaNoWriMo, is having a word war with New Zealand. So far they are kicking our butts, but they also have a couple of word maniacs down there who are already hovering around 35,000. Serioiusly 35K in three days – INSANE!

This morning I signed onto the chat board and found out I could make a wordle of my story so far. So of course, I did. Here is what it looks like: (hint, you can click on the image to make it larger then hit the back button to return to this blog.

Wordle: Kiere

I love it!!

On my to-do list today. Finish editing a manuscript I have on my desk and write some communication templates for PaperBox Books. THEN and only then am I allowed to work on my word count.

I’d like to hit over 10,000 words today, so I’d better get cracking!!

Day 3 of NaNo

Yesterday I was rockin until around 8pm. I wanted to get safely past the daily goal because I have some stuff coming up the last three weeks of November that will take a lot of time.

I wanted to hit 5000 words, but failed. At 8pm I hit a wall. I got a few paragraphs out after that but I suspect I’lll have to re-word them this morning. I did manage to crest 4000. That’s a personal best for this early in the challenge. Usually I’m woefully behind by this point.

As usual though, my story has morphed from what I was originally intended. I was thinking the battle scene would be at the end, turns out it’s going to happen before the end of chapter two and the rest will be about survival and beating the bad guys.

I’ve never written anything that could be classified as adventure before. This could get interesting.

What a day

At the end of day one for NaNoWriMo I was already behind. Dang this social life of mine 🙂

Sundays are always busy for me and this one was worse (or better) than usual. In fact I started writing this blog around midnight and was nearly falling asleep on the computer so here it is Monday morning and I’m finally finishing it.

I stayed up until midnight on Saturday with several of the local NaNoers and at the stroke of 12+1 we started writing. To celebrate the occasion I had a glass of chocolate eggnog (President’s Choice has it and it’s good) with a shot of kahlua. I highly recommend it (if you’re under 19 of course -21 in the States) try it without the kahlua.

At the end of day 1 I’m at 1400 words. Only 300 behind schedule if I was doing a static daily goal. But as previously discussed, I’m a pantser. I write by the seat of my pants. Some days are crazy busy, so I know whatever i write will be crap. Other days I wake up running. the ideas are pouring out of my brain before my feet hit the floor.

Luckily, today, day 2, is one of those days and because of my flexible schedule, I can spend the day writing. I’ll be beyond todays static goal before noon.

Good Luck to all participants and good writing (don’t worry about quality, that’s why we edit in March)