Canucks and Novel Sales

So have I mentioned lately I love my new job?

Last night I rode in a limo to Rogers Arena (while drinking champagne) to watch the Canucks play from one of the hospitality suites. We lost… boo, but the great food and open bar helped salve our wounds.

The best sign I saw from the fans was held by a cute little guy who was around 8 or 9. It read, “If you need to rest your players for the playoffs, I’ve got my gear in the car.” I loved it.

Book Sales for Hiding in Plain Sight have so far outstripped all three versions of Jake.

It’s been a bit nerve wracking too. Because my new novel is set in my home town with scenes taking place in my old high school, it is not just strangers who have read it. People I grew up with have been checking it out. I want to bit my nails every time someone else says they’re reading it. Luckily no one has pointed out any setting errors 🙂

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Hiding in Plain Sight

I am a happy girl, my new novel is up and already selling (and it hasn’t even hit half of our distributers yet).

Hiding in Plain Sight is the first young adult novel I’ve written specifically for the young adult genre. My other published YA novel, The Trouble with Jake, was originally written as an adult romance and the re-written for a younger audience.

Hiding in Plain Sight is set in the neighbourhood I grew up in with scenes taking place in my old High School. Here’s a bit about the story:

Hilary is excited when a new family moves in next door. It doesn’t hurt that they have a gorgeous son. But even his good looks and classic car can’t distract her from the strange things she starts to see.

Ben and his family are from the planet Myonus. They barely escaped when the Hurliingen tried to take-over their planet’s government. But, even on Earth, they aren’t safe. Ben and his kid sister, Alex, have something the Hurliingen need to squash the rebellion and complete their conquest.

The Hurliingen are coming to get Ben and Alex, can Hilary help stop them?

Hiding in Plain Sight is already available on Amazon for their Kindle and through Smashwords for all other formats including the Nook, KoBo, Sony e-Reader and iPad.

New Novel is Coming

Whew – I’ve been editing my butt off over the past few weeks… well months really. Hiding in Plain Sight is finally uploaded and will be available through Smashwords and Amazon by the end of this week. I’m almost too exhausted to be excited… almost 🙂

I thought that doing this book would be a lot easier than the two versions of ‘Jake‘ but I was wrong. I guess with all I learned from the first go ’round, I’m even pickier now. Happily, I think it made for a better story. Let’s hope you agree!

Now I think I deserve to sit back with a glass of wine and relax.

Alas, no such luck, now it’s on to marketing and housecleaning (my Mom gets here Thursday for an overnight stay enroute to visit New Zealand)

End of February… really?

How the heck did this month go by so quickly?

Seriously, it was the first of the month only a few days ago. I guess it’s true when they say time flies when you’re having fun…. and it’s been VERY fun.

I will finish the edits for ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ today. It’s taken me longer than expected to do it so while I’m a bit bummed at the delay, I’ve very pleased with the results. The feedback from my proofreaders has been awesome and I’ve made some tweaks that really make it better. A huge thank you to you all.

Work has been spectacular. I made a joke to a couple of my friends that they’d have to bring someone in to do the grunt work for me because I’ve stepped in and been able to do some bigger things than what I was hired to do. It’s happened, well at least they’ve been making arrangements for someone to cover the front while I take care of a project with a tight deadline.

The people are fantastic and the feedback I’ve received from one of the people who hired me is that he’s hearing great things about me. They’re very pleased with the way I just see what needs to be done and do it. (Now if I could just apply that to my housekeeping skills…)

The guy is still around. It’s been over two months and we’re still having fun. Actually I just got off the phone with him. He makes me happy.

Last fall, after NaNoWriMo was done, I said to my friend that I was going to start dating again. My schedule had been too busy for far too long and I wanted someone just for me. He asked me what I was looking for and I said someone strong, independent, who will respect me and take care with me yet not smother me because I still have a busy life and an insane schedule.

There must be something to that whole theory of ‘tell the universe what you want and it will get it for you’.

I met my guy less than a month later. He runs his own business, with several employees and he has children who he spends a lot of time with. He loved to laugh and is appreciative of the good things in his life – which is a really important facet of personality for me. We don’t get to see each other a lot, but we keep in contact every day.

It works, it’s wonderful and it’s exactly what I wanted. I like it

Now to cuddle up on my recliner and get this book finished so we can upload it for sale.

Go Sue GO!

the battle for the bridesmaid dress

Rule # 1 = don’t go into a store when you are hungry or have the munchies
Rule #2 – see Rule #1
Rule #3 – yeah you guessed it

This is why I’m sitting here looking at cherry licorice, Valentine jellybeans and 2 cans of Pringles – #dietfail!

picture of the bridesmaid dress

The beautiful dress I want to look beautiful in

And yes, I have a beautiful bridesmaid dress to wear in July. It’s not really designed for someone like me, who has extra curves, so I’m working on getting rid of them – well I was until my recent junk food purchase debacle.

I’ll get back on the wagon as soon as this bout of junk food is done.

To aid my battle of the bulge, I dug out my hand weights, now I just have to use them… and start doing crunches. At least my new job keeps me away from the kitchen where I can make something to eat whenever I got the munchies. Unfortunately there is a bakery in the next building so every time the front door to the office opens, the scent of freshly baked bread comes wafting in – it’s so not fair.

I’m close to finishing the final edits on my novel. I have to send it to Perry this weekend to start her proofread. It will be up for sale by the end of the month. Whee! and then I have to decide what to work on next. Do I start another editing project or write a new story.

I think maybe I’ll do some short stories and get some of my notes together from my SNBCS Social Media training sessions and create some e-books. Some of my clients have encouraged me so I think it’s a good plan.

and the guy. I figured you’d want an update there too. He’s awesome. We both have been insanely busy so it was a week of text messages and the occasional phone call. This morning we hung out and he cooked for me (BTW he’s a great cook). Then I got to meet some of his friends. They’re a fun crew.

I hold that you can tell a lot of things about a person by the people he hangs out with and how he treats them. The guy is good people.

The start of something wonderful

We’re rolling in to the last week of January already. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve been home for Christmas. So much has happened, it’s like I have a different life from the one I had in December.

PaperBox Books is rockin’, we have more submissions and my next novel will be up for sale next month.

I started my new job on Friday. It’s going to be stellar. The people are fantastic and the girls on the admin team are excited to have me with them (yay), the atmosphere is great, the dress code is more casual than business and I don’t forsee myself getting bored anytime soon. It’s a very busy place.

I’m down five pounds on top of losing the few pounds I gained over the holidays.

… and the new guy and I seem to be really connecting. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this comfortable with someone, especially after only a month. We’re a good fit on many levels.

I raise my glass to the hope it all continues.

I got the job!

Four trips across Canada in eighteen months is hard for most budgets to handle. For an entrepreneur it can be even harder. Especially when two of those trips were so emotional, you couldn’t think straight… if at all.

So late last fall, I decided to close SNB Consulting as a full time business and keep it as a support for PaperBox Books and Fiction Therapy and go searching for gainful employment.

Let’s just say the job market, even in Vancouver, isn’t back to what it was and the word overqualified was used more than I was prepared to hear.

The awesome girls, Christina and Lauren, at Office Team have been working hard on my behalf. On Friday, they arranged another job interview for me. The company impressed me. Forward thinking, new technologies, family atmosphere, mostly long term employees etc. I was psyched.

When I left the interview, I was even more keen to work there. She warned me, they probably wouldn’t be making a decision for short lists until Tuesday.

Monday morning at 9:30am, I got the call requesting a 2nd interview.

Tuesday at 11:30, I was sitting in the CFO’s office.

Tuesday afternoon, I was in danger of wearing down my battery by checking my cell phone to make sure I hadn’t missed the call – even though it was on my desk, with the ringer turned up loud.

It was agony.

When the call came, it was better news than I could have expected. Instead of a temp-to-hire as originally indicated, they wanted me immediately as an employee and offered much better terms.

C’mon, do the happy dance with me.

So far 2011 is rockin’ – Thank You!

2011 Week 2

So here we are at another Sunday. It’s been a long week but it has flown by… a contradiction that makes perfect sense.

I spent much of Monday, going over my new novel, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’. We’re due to publish it at the end of February so I’m focused on getting this edit finished so I can give my proofreaders a chance for another go over before I send the final copy to PaperBox Books.

I still have no idea what I’m going to do for the cover. I have flying purple lights, a restored Barracuda, spaceships and alien pirate-types in addition to my main five teenage characters.

My dating life seems to be steaming along in the right direction. This guy ithinks I’m as awesome as I think he is. A great start for sure.

…and I had a job interview on Friday. The company really impressed me with their dedication to keeping long term employees. For that reason alone, I want to work there! (plus the money is decent, the job description is what I want and the commute isn’t bad). Wish me luck.

Today I’m working more on my novel and waiting for Mom to come online so we can Skype.

It’s soooo close to finished I can taste it. This is officially the longest novel I’ve ever written coming in at over 76,000 words. I’m a happy girl.

Week One Pulse Check

So, here we are at the end of 2011’s week one. How is the new year treating you and more importantly, how are you treating it?

So far, I’ve managed to do a whack of stuff for PaperBox Books. I’ve created posters of the book covers and business cards to had out. I’ll have them uploaded and tested by the end of the day.

Any suggestions for other downloadable swag to help promote e-books?

I’ve sent out dozens of resumes for full time work. (2010 saw me cut back my consulting business to part time – I need a bigger travel budget.) Hopefully I hear back from some of them soon.

Oh, and I’ve finished reading Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up, by Patricia Ryan Madson. It was good. My main take-aways were: 1) show appreciation for what you have now (don’t wait until later), 2) taking that first step is usually the hardest but you can’t move forward if you don’t try, 3) get off your butt and do it and give yourself permission to make mistakes along the way – that’s how you learn. Wise lessons!

As part of my ‘me-first’ strategy, I played hooky for an hour or so yesterday for a lunch date. Things seem to be looking up in that department… I’ll keep you posted.


How are you making out so far with your goals/resolutions for 2011?

Onward and Upward in 2011

I spent much of January 1st pondering my resolutions. Yes, I make resolutions every year and I do manage to keep most of them. Probably because I am constantly learning and improving and ‘resolutions’ just give me a chance to set yearly goals for things I’m already doing.

This year I have some events that are helping me by providing motivation and incentive.

For weight loss and finding a new job I have my brother’s wedding in July.

This will be my 4th trip home in 18 months, so the travel budget is looking pretty grim. Plus there is a really pretty bridemaid dress for me to wear… and I’d prefer to look pretty in it. My current body shape… well let’s just say, it has curves in all the wrong places. Must Fix!

I got a head start on the New Year by beginning to read, Managing Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide by Gillian Butler, PhD and Tony Hope, MD, on my flight back to Vancouver. So far it’s good. It reflects a lot of the advice I’ve given to others over the years. Hopefully, I’ll be the one taking it myself this time.

I’m also reading Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up, by Patricia Ryan Madson, a Christmas gift from a friend who knew I’d like it (she’s so smart). I should have it finished by today and she’s right, I highly recommend it for folks like me who tend to plan more than they do. (another thing for me to fix)

I’ll also continue on trend and finish editing “Hiding in Plain Sight’ and have it published in February and then start working on my next one. I’d like to get two more of my novels edited this year, but I don’t think that’s realistic, so one is the goal and two is a bonus.

I’ve been concentrating on everyone else in 2010, so I’ve declared 2011 the year of ‘me-first’ (not to be confused with ‘me-only’) as an official reminder that I’m a people too.

Wish me luck!