A new novel and more

Posted by on January 20, 2010 at 1:26 pm.

It’s been a nutzoid few weeks and it promises only to get busier, I can’t keep the smile off of my face.

At Paperbox Books we’ve received several submissions and we’re going through them as quickly as we can. I have my SNB Consulting Services proposal almost done to teach a course on internet marketing and have been collaborating to create a series of writing workshops.

Throughout all the mayhem I’ve been able to get a great start on a new young adult novel. It’s semi-autobiographical. When I was in high school, I attended a summer French Immersion program at a university campus two hours away from home. It’s a great setting for a story – high school kids living on a university campus in a co-ed dorm, first boyfriends, kisses and some pretty major decisions. There was some serious teenage angst – trust me I was there 🙂

I’ve reconnected with my boyfriend from the French Immersion program. I’m thrilled he is letting me pick his brains for his memories and perspective. Although, I think he has an ulterior motive. I suspect he wants to see if he can finally figure out how my mind worked back then… yeah, good luck with that, I’m not even sure I know how my brain was working when I was fifteen. (and there is some debate whether it was working at all)

As if this isn’t enough, some of my writing friends and I are re-establishing our proofreading group. I have three more novels to edit before I can upload them for sale. Meeting with them every week will really light the fire under my butt to get me moving. Added bonus, I really like the novels they’re writing and their insight to mine, makes me a better editor.

After all, I have those New Year’s resolutions to keep.

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