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This seems to be what my entire world is made up of this week. I’d rather be writing, but I also want to have another book published, so the editing shall continue.

All a twitterin

In a good way. Actually I just finished reading “All a Twitter” by Tee Morris. It was very good. I’ve been watching some of the supposed ‘gurus’ of social media and find heis definitely one of the better ones. He seems to be the one who gets it the best, or at least he shares […]

Spring is Sprung and all that

I spent the afternoon in my garden, digging soil and working my brain around a marketing plan and my ever-growing to do list. I figure if I had to think, this was a great way to let my mind percolate while doing something useful. I don’t know about you, but I do my best thinking […]

The best way to start a day

I love it when a problem that’s been plaguing me is solved with my first waking thought. I like it even better when I can remember that thought once I’m actually awake.

Olympic fever and writing

Gone is the blase, laid-back, too cool to care vibe that Vancouver usually has. in it’s place is a genuine excitement and pride like I’ve never seen before.

Gathering Reference Material

I’ve been writing and researching a long time and figure it’s selfish to parcel out bits of knowledge when the books are right there for others to read. I have added a page to my website to keep them easily accessible

oops – Bad Buckley

Many times I’ve been destracted by shiny things and soon as my butt hit the chair and there have been a few days where the most intelligent thing I could think to say was “Trees pretty fire bad” (a Buffy reference for those who might recognize it.

When ego gets in the way

Ever notice that when you have a great story in your head you don’t have time to write it and then, when you carve out a time in your hectic schedule just to write, you spend these precious moments without a lucid thought in your head or worse, you’ve convinced yourself that the awesome idea you had was really just crap and not worth exploring.

Holy waxed fruit Batman

Since being a writer means sitting on your butt a lot, I decided last year to really start watching what I ate. Ever since university extra-pounds and I have had an on/off relationship. I’d like to break up with them once and for all.

Pen versus keyboard

My editing is done for the day and I’m ready to start writing. Much to my surprise, I reached for my notebook even though I’m sitting right in front of my computer.