Editing seems to be what my entire world is made up of this week. I’d rather be writing, but I also want to have another book published, so the editing shall continue.

I’m very lucky. I have a group of amazing people around me who are supportive and encouraging. Some of them I’ve brought even closer and they’ve become part of my process. They not only keep me to task on my deadlines, they are active participants in my editing methods. They are the angels (or devils) on my shoulder as I go through my novel chapter my chapter polishing here and rewriting there.

I make it sound easy don’t I?

Being part of an editing group is perhaps the most stressful association I’ve ever had. Sure we laugh and joke and enjoy our time together, but it’s much harder to have someone you like and trust, point out your silly errors than a complete stranger, in a city far away, sitting at a huge editor’s desk, judging your work worthy… or not.

Line by line edits can be soul crushing.

Over the past months I’ve forgotten how hard it can be. The members of my group and I have grown used to each others styles and know how to give a critique without being rude or obnoxious or inadvertently push each other’s buttons. Over the past few years, other people have come and gone without much fanfare. They’ve been friends of the other members so for me, there’s been nothing personal at stake.

Now, I’m the one bringing in the friend. Suddenly I’m terrified, but in a good way.

It’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. Even though we’ve been writing pals for a few years and I’ve edited some of his stuff, this will be the first time he reads anything I’ve written. Not only will he read it, he will critique it as well.

I’m sure you can hear my knees knocking together in fright.

My pride hopes he doesn’t find anything really stupid mistakes in my prose. He’s more of an expert in sci-fi than I am. If some of my science doesn’t quite jive, I’ll be grateful for his correction. His background is very different from my other editing partners, which is a plus. My readers won’t be the same, so neither should my editors.

I know it’s illogical, but it will be harder to hit send on my submission this week. But what’s life without a few challenges along the way?

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