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Plans of planes and hot tubs

I’m sitting here editing. I have a few short stories buzzing around in my brain, but I’m not allowed to put pen to paper until I finish this project. Soon, I croon, to my half thought … thoughts. Soon I’ll realease you out onto the world. No worries though, they’re harmless. Romantic little trysts and twists to pique your sappy bone.

Upward, Onward and reconnecting with family

Busy day, relaxing night


Well, actually today I’m wearing my editing hat, but ne’ertheless I have this awesome Celtic-ish piece from Final Fantasy (yes, the game) playing in the background. Talk about setting the mood.

NaNo is over now what?

This has been the busiest November I can ever recall spending. Happily the stress level was low but my emotions ran the full gauntlet of a loop-de-loop rollercoaster.

The Inagural Transit Write-In

If you happened to be on the skytrain system in Vancouver, you might have noticed a bunch of people frantically writing on their laptops or going old school with a pen and paper. That was us.

What a week!

This has been an exhaustive week of ackward questions, self-discovery and new friends.

Monday again… already?

My day started in near disaster… ok well not really a disaster, but a near inconvenience. I painstakenly made sure my alarm was turned on for this morning but I neglected to make sure it was set for the right time. Luckily, my brother/housemate had to leave for work just after I was supposed to […]

Week 2 of NaNoWriMo is over

My brain is dead, I dislike where my story is going, I have no idea what to do next, for that matter I’m still not entirely sure what my story is even about… yup week 2.

Write Your Own Eulogy

The final exercise for the morning was write our own eulogies. What would we like people to say about us after we’re gone. Or if you’re too freaked out by the concept of dying, imagine a toast at yout 75th birthday party.

Ohhhh what a feeling

come on – sing it with me! It’s the last day of a busy, productive and interesting week. I’m looking forward to the weekend…it’s a stange feeling because I haven’t had an actual weekend in months. Not that I actually have time to rest and relax – NaNoWriMo is still going strong and there are […]