How’d the Holidays get so close?

It’s been on my calendar for months, I booked my ticket weeks ago, yet here I am days before take off wondering where on earth the time has flown.

Sure in that time I’ve written another complete first draft of a novel, decided what I want to be when I grow up, and marketed my butt off for both SNB Consulting Services and PaperBox Books, but still … it’s come so fast. (Totally off topic but check out the stats from – freakin incredible)

Today was the first day I’ve felt in the Holiday Mood. It was cold, that helped. and I’ve spent a wonderful weekend with the best kind of friends ever and I know this is just the beginning. More good times are coming as Christmas approaches.

Time to add in some Christmas tunes to my MP3 player to sing along with on transit, and no, I really don’t care if anyone laughs at me. My voice is out of shape, so instead of giggling at my off-tune-ed-ness, pitch in and help keep me on key.

It’s not looking like much of a vacation for me though, I’ll be working via online while I’m home. I have some editing for PaperBox Books and some stuff to do for SNB Consulting and marketing my butt off even further because two of my books will be on sale before I leave.

YES – two of my novels will be on sale before Christmas – Whee

Purchase Details to follow in the next few days.

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