We Rocked the Library

So during the month of November many of my friends, who are also writers, do Nanowrimo. It’s crazy, it’s fun, I’m 1/4 of the way through writing a new manuscript and I learned last night just how crazy writer’s are in general.

Last night we had a write-in at the library. Over 30 people were there. Many of whom had no idea really what NaNo was. We explained a bit, the got right into a word war. It amazes me how many people wrote even though they weren’t really sure why… and their word counts were good. Some folks who could type properly, had word count that were more than double mine.

Writers seriously are a crazy (in a good way) bunch.

My challenge for the day is not to let my word count suffer while I do chores and some baking. I’m out tonight at a birthday celebration. Tomorrow and Sunday I’m booked solid. I’m going to have to forgo sleep f I want to maintain my average and rise to the challenge a fellow writer friend has put up.

Ack – no more stalling – 1-2-3- GO!!!

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