What else am I doing beside NaNo

I was walking to the grocery store this morning when I realized I’ve become obsessed with talking about NaNo even though I’m doing a crapload of other things.

I have two books that we’re planning on getting online for sale at the end of November. I’m getting the final edits back from my editors tomorrow. Somewhere duiring the month of November I have to find time to incorporate the fixes into my manuscript and get it formatted and ready to go on sale.

We’re working with a couple of talented writers who are doing a bunch of short stories around an alternate world to Earth. We’ve read some of the stories and can’t wait to see the rest. They’ll be comin gout way in the next few weeks as well. (almost managed to resist the urge to dance around the room – almost)

I’m half way through editing the novel written by my business partner and fellow managing editor of Paperbox Books Publishing. It’s awesome, I keep losing myself in the story forgetting that I’m supposed to be checking it for errors and inconsistencies. Happily, there aren’t many.

Oh and I’m buildig a couple of websites for my other business, SNB Consulting Services too.

If it’s true that idle hands are the devil’s tools, he doesn’t stand a chance with me 🙂

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