Alarm Clock Fail

Well actually it was me who failed to set the alarm clock 🙁

It’s amazing how those few seconds of, “Gosh I feel great, so refreshed.” can turn into “Oh CRAP!”

In some ways, sleeping in was worth it. I awoke to a great half-dream that will make an awesome story. (now I just have to write down the premise before I forget it). It’s not so great because I want to get a few things around the house completed before I head over to hang out with some of my favourite writers for camaraderie and mutual cheer-leading.

I’m very excited because I set up the final two sections of my next novel to be edited. I have less than 8000 words left to proofread and then it’s on to the final polishing. ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ should be online and ready for sale by the end of June. Whee!!

In the meantime, I’ve got 2 short stories almost ready for sale and two more about to be proofread. Smashwords and a few of the distributors have a short story sections in their online stores. I figure it’s time to start experimenting with them.

And of course, I’ll remind you that AESCIFI is still looking for sponsors and backers to help them get their online/print magazine off the ground. If you’re looking for an investment or advertising opportunity, take a look. They’re doing their fundraising through kickstarter, so everything is above-board and legitimate.

I’ve been in a writing group with Helen for a couple of years and have had several conversations with Duff about the project. They are real people and their plans for this magazine are bang on the money.

While they’re fundraising they’re running a Microfiction contest. Even if you’re not interested in entering, read the entries, some of them are quite good.

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