It is finished

I resisted typing the words “The End” but barely.

I’ve finished the last section of my new novel, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight‘, to be reviewed in a line-by-line edit by my absolutely amazing proofreaders – and no that’s not a suck up because they seriously rock. I’m really lucky to have them.

This novel is about a girl who discovers the hot guy who just moved in next door is really an alien… although it’s not so hard for her to believe his pesky younger sister is from another planet. This story has interplanetary bad guys and just when you think all is lost… well, I’m not going to tell you then end. You’ll just have to read it.

Even though I still had all sorts of work to finish on other projects, I was feeling too hyper to stay sitting at my computer. So I headed out to my back yard and finished screening the soil in the new section of my garden. Then I planted my broccoli and cherry tomato seedlings. They’ve been hardening outside for a while now, so it was definitely time to get them officially planted.

Part of me wants to head out again to start working on the other section of my garden so I can get my peas, beans and squash planted, oh and corn and cucumbers spinach. Mmmmm Veggies.

But thinking of vegetables made me get the munchies and for good reason, it’s time for supper. So I’ll put off the garden until Sunday and make something for dinner.

Hmmmm maybe I should go buy a bottle of wine to celebrate the completion of this draft of my novel. Only two more polishing pass throughs to go – Whee!


  1. Love the idea for your story! Congrats on the first draft! No easy feat! Good luck with your line by line editing! Hope all goes well! 🙂 Have an excellent dinner! And definitely buy the bottle of wine!

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