Press start

Press Start… to begin the next phase in your life.

Wait! Who did that?! I wasn’t ready!

Ready or not here it comes. My brother is in the air as I type.

On one hand I’m really jealous, he gets to see Mom and Dad in person to hear about their European Vacation (luckily much less ‘exciting’ than Chevy Chase’s). One the other I’ve very happy because now Daddy has 3 computers to mess up. Dad is king of ‘Hey, what does this button do?” Scott is now the onsite repair man.

Meanwhile back at our, errr my, house, I’ve rearranged the living room and have his old room almost ready for showing to potential roommates. It’s been a busy morning.

Now I have some writing to and a meeting later this afternoon, then it’s sitting back, catching up on TV with a glass of wine.

Ok, you can press Start now.

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