Tutu Marathon

For a change Iwas offline for most of the day yesterday.

As a matter of fact, I sat on the couch all day and watched TV. I have NEVER done that before. Usually I get bored, or restless, or both and have to move around after an hour or so.

Yesterday, was an exception, I hosted a Princess Tutu Marathon. For those who don’t know, Princess Tutu is a delightfully girlie anime series where the heroine is a duck, turned schoolgirl, turned ballet princess who helps people to dance their cares away. There are all sorts if bad guys and intriguing little plot twists.

So… yesterday was

  • 10 hours of Tutu
  • 2 pizzas
  • way too much food

It was a blast and well worth the sitting for hours on end. We started at the beginning and watched the whole freakin thing. The best part was toward the end when we got to the writing part of the plot. Considering my living room was full of not only writers, but NaNoWriMo writers, the dialogue really made us laugh and take note.

Without any spoilers, I’ll just say Drosselmeyer is the perfect NaNo writer and Fakir is the writer plagued by his inner editer. Come November, don’t be Fakir.

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