Roommate and Jeffery Deaver

Today was the day.

I got up on time and headed out to the airport to greet my old friend/new roommate.

I have to admit to getting a little emotional at seeing someone from back home in Vancouver.

I’m very thankful for the new Canada Line skytrain that links the YVR airport to the transit system. Having bussed out to the airport a few times with luggage, I can honestly say it’s a definite improvement.

I took along the Jeffery Deaver novel I bought myself at Christmas. I’d attempted to read it on my flight back to Vancouver after the holidays. I was only able to read a few pages when I had to put the book down. The writing was so horrid. Impossible, I tried to convince myself. This was a Lincoln Rhyme story, how could it be BAD?

Seriously, I love Jeffery Deaver. He’s one of my favourite authors… except for this book.

On the skytrain on my way out to meet the flight, I opened the first page and started again. I managed to get far enough into the story to be intrigued. I think I’ll be able to finish it this time but WOW, this one isn’t close to his usual standard. (I’ve even gone back to his other books and re-read parts, just to make sure it wasn’t my perception that had changed because off all the editing I’ve been doing lately.)

Nope, it’s just this one.. whew.

We got home without mishap and within 5 minutes of entering the house, my new roommate was on his computer, I was logged into mine and silence reigned supreme while we both caught up on emails, MSN and (in his case) texts.

Oh Yeah – this is going to be a beautiful roommate relationship 🙂

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