back to work

The fun is over and it’s back to work.

It was a great weekend showing my new roommate around Vancouver. It took me back to ‘the old days’ when I had just arrived and was being shown around myself.

Sometimes I forget how amazing this city is.

But *sigh* now it’s time to get back into my schedule before my world explodes and several of those days I’ve been trying to take one at a time, attack all at once.

Tonight I’ve devoted to catching up on all those blogs and e-books I’ve downloaded with the best intentions of putting their knowledge into practice and grow my businesses to skyrocketing effects. I’m happy to say I made a huge dent thus far… although the skyrocketing doesn’t seem to be as easy or as quick as simply reading the information. (greases up the ol’ elbows for tomorrow).

Tomorrow will be mostly editing my new novel ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’. I seriously need to get it finished because it’s my turn to submit to our editing group next week and with that means I start editing ‘Kiere’. The Novel I’m hoping to have ready for publication before Christmas.

Lazy days of summer my a$$!

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