Home for the Holidays

It’s been an odd trip home this year for Christmas. I’ve learned a few things.

1) I’m not as good with red-eye flights as I used to be. Even though I dozed for almost three hours on the plane from Vancouver to Toronto, I was exhausted when I got to Mom’s place. After a full turkey dinner and pleasant evening, I finally succumbed to the lure of my bed at 8:30pm (I feel no shame since I’d been awake almost 36 hours).

2) I’ve somehow managed to deal with Dad’s death despite being over 5000km from home. Except for a quick cry when I first saw Mom, it’s been okay. It has been a very healing trip home. I’ve had my moments, but they’ve been more affirming than distressing. For that I am thankful.

3) My friends on both coasts ROCK (Robin and Kevin too, even though they’re in the middle of the country). Not that this was a new lesson, I’ve known this as long as I’ve known them. But it’s something I don’t mind being reminded of… and I frequently am.

I hope everyone is having a peaceful holiday season either alone or with family and friends. The new year is just around the corner waiting for us to start it all over again.

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