2011 Week 2

So here we are at another Sunday. It’s been a long week but it has flown by… a contradiction that makes perfect sense.

I spent much of Monday, going over my new novel, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’. We’re due to publish it at the end of February so I’m focused on getting this edit finished so I can give my proofreaders a chance for another go over before I send the final copy to PaperBox Books.

I still have no idea what I’m going to do for the cover. I have flying purple lights, a restored Barracuda, spaceships and alien pirate-types in addition to my main five teenage characters.

My dating life seems to be steaming along in the right direction. This guy ithinks I’m as awesome as I think he is. A great start for sure.

…and I had a job interview on Friday. The company really impressed me with their dedication to keeping long term employees. For that reason alone, I want to work there! (plus the money is decent, the job description is what I want and the commute isn’t bad). Wish me luck.

Today I’m working more on my novel and waiting for Mom to come online so we can Skype.

It’s soooo close to finished I can taste it. This is officially the longest novel I’ve ever written coming in at over 76,000 words. I’m a happy girl.

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