I got the job!

Four trips across Canada in eighteen months is hard for most budgets to handle. For an entrepreneur it can be even harder. Especially when two of those trips were so emotional, you couldn’t think straight… if at all.

So late last fall, I decided to close SNB Consulting as a full time business and keep it as a support for PaperBox Books and Fiction Therapy and go searching for gainful employment.

Let’s just say the job market, even in Vancouver, isn’t back to what it was and the word overqualified was used more than I was prepared to hear.

The awesome girls, Christina and Lauren, at Office Team have been working hard on my behalf. On Friday, they arranged another job interview for me. The company impressed me. Forward thinking, new technologies, family atmosphere, mostly long term employees etc. I was psyched.

When I left the interview, I was even more keen to work there. She warned me, they probably wouldn’t be making a decision for short lists until Tuesday.

Monday morning at 9:30am, I got the call requesting a 2nd interview.

Tuesday at 11:30, I was sitting in the CFO’s office.

Tuesday afternoon, I was in danger of wearing down my battery by checking my cell phone to make sure I hadn’t missed the call – even though it was on my desk, with the ringer turned up loud.

It was agony.

When the call came, it was better news than I could have expected. Instead of a temp-to-hire as originally indicated, they wanted me immediately as an employee and offered much better terms.

C’mon, do the happy dance with me.

So far 2011 is rockin’ – Thank You!

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