Canucks and Novel Sales

So have I mentioned lately I love my new job?

Last night I rode in a limo to Rogers Arena (while drinking champagne) to watch the Canucks play from one of the hospitality suites. We lost… boo, but the great food and open bar helped salve our wounds.

The best sign I saw from the fans was held by a cute little guy who was around 8 or 9. It read, “If you need to rest your players for the playoffs, I’ve got my gear in the car.” I loved it.

Book Sales for Hiding in Plain Sight have so far outstripped all three versions of Jake.

It’s been a bit nerve wracking too. Because my new novel is set in my home town with scenes taking place in my old high school, it is not just strangers who have read it. People I grew up with have been checking it out. I want to bit my nails every time someone else says they’re reading it. Luckily no one has pointed out any setting errors 🙂

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